Dentist Tek is an international company of highly trained dealers committed to the proactive service and maintenance of your most valuable dental assets – your handpieces.

Dentist Tek offers on – site service, repair and rebuilding of your handpieces designed to make your practice more efficient and profitable. With mobile labs, we service, clean, lubricate, and if necessary, rebuild all makes and models of handpieces – right at your office to save you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to ship or send out you handpieces. Dentist Tek dealers are not only trained to service your equipment, they’re also schooled in technical factors that make a practice run efficiently; ultimately creating greater comfort for your patients and increased profit for your practice.


” Our Dentist Tek program is the easiest way to ensure the office is up and running ever day”   Dentist Tek


When it comes to leading a successful dental practice, you need to not only offer your customers exceptional dental services – you also need to do it with the best dental handpieces around. But of course, like with many dental offices, you may encounter a few hiccups every now and then. Whether your dental handpiece breaks or you need to get it reconditioned, paying for repairs can be stressful for dentists.

One of the more stressful parts of dental handpiece repair can be determining how much you want to pay. You want high-quality repair, but you also don’t want to spend a great deal of your practice’s profits to get it.

So if you’re wondering how much you should pay for dental handpiece repair, take a look at the factors you must consider.

What Does the Estimated Price Include?

When you talk to a dental handpiece repair technician, you want to ensure that the estimated price includes plenty of extras. For example, be sure to ask the dental repair technician if the repair estimate includes warranties, on-site training and other benefits. This can save you a significant amount of money in the long run, especially if it breaks after the repairs. A warranty can ensure that any handpiece is quickly and efficiently repaired, while on-site training can help you make the most of your new or reconditioned dental handpieces.

How Quickly Will The Handpiece Repairs Be Provided?

If you’re wondering how much you need to pay for dental handpiece repair, you should expect to pay more for repairs that will be turned around in an expedited manner. Be sure to ask how quickly your handpiece repairs will be provided. If it costs extra for you to have the repairs done quickly, you may want to opt for the standard service to save on money.

The total price of your dental handpiece repair will be determined by these factors. Be sure to ask your technician about these factors to get a better estimate of how much you’ll have to pay. Once you have this information in hand, you can use it to find the best deal on dental handpiece repair in your area!